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Some points for attention of customized ceramic coffee mugs

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From Ceramic Mug Group, Ceramic mugs material has bone china, magnesium strengthening porcelain, white porcelain mug factory, stoneware. Our most common ceramic mug is mainly made of white porcelain and reinforced porcelain. The customization process of Chinese ceramic coffee cup is as follows:

1. It is better to provide the original ceramic coffee mugs;

2. If the original ceramic mugs is not available, provide detailed and clean cup type drawings or product pictures with dimensions;

3. Provide Pantone color number of ceramic mug body;

4. Provide AI and other formats of printing pattern manuscripts (vector files);

5. Printed draft provided by Pantone;

6. Provide material requirements of customized ceramic coffee mugs.

Production process and characteristics of bone china mug
Bone china, also known as bone china, was produced in England. The academic circles generally believe that the first Englishman to successfully produce bone china was Josiah Spode (1755-1827). Josiah Spode directly mixed the calcined bones with china clay and mineral flux to become a traditional hard porcelain raw material, which was successfully tested in the early 19th century. Then he began to conduct systematic research on the formulation of bone china. At the end of 1821, the ratio of bone ashes to porcelain stone was "standardized". At that time, it was believed that the porcelain produced by using feldspar as a flux and containing 46% of the ashes was the best. china ceramic mug manufacturers.
The sintering temperature is 1200 degrees, and the raw materials contain beef and sheep bone meal. The grade is determined by the content of bone meal. The higher the content of bone meal, the higher the grade. Three characteristics of thinness, lightness and transparency, milky white, belong to high-grade porcelain. With the same mug shape, wholesale bone china mugs are much lighter than white porcelain, stoneware, and strengthened porcelain mugs, and have good light transmittance, showing a natural milky white color, and the sound of a hand clasp is as sweet as a bell. Most suitable for making high-end daily-use porcelain for gifts.
The two basic characteristics of bone china are the essential basis for distinguishing bone china from other porcelains.
Feature 1: The bone char content is over 36% (national standard);
Feature 2: After the second firing (biscuits, glaze firing). According to the bone china standards set by the United Kingdom, it contains 30% of the tricalcium phosphate from animal bones, and the finished product has light transmittance, so it can be called bone china. The American standard is at least 25%.

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