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How custom ceramic coffee mugs with different mouth in China ?

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From Ceramic Mug Group, The taste of a mug of coffee is affected by many factors, including the type of coffee beans, origin, roasting method, etc., but did you know that coffee mugs also affect the taste of coffee?

Mugs with different mouths

There are two types of coffee mugs: wide-mouth mug and straight-mouth mug. The shape of different mugs will directly affect the feel and flavor of the coffee you drink in the first sip.

Wide mouth coffee mug

The wide-mouth mug, as the name suggests, is a mug with a wider mouth. Expanding the mouth of the mug allows your taste buds to fully contact the coffee, and your tongue can feel the flavor of coffee more completely.

Straight coffee mug

Straight mouth mug, as the name implies, is that the mouth of the mug is straight. The mouth of this mug is perpendicular to the table top, and the coffee liquid is more concentrated when entering, and the taste is more balanced.

In summary, although coffee mugs will have a certain impact on the flavor of coffee, we do not choose stoneware coffee mugs to choose the best, but to choose the most suitable coffee mug that can amplify or concentrate the flavor characteristics you like The cup, because for more people, a cup of coffee is a mood.
Excellent bone china is formed by adding a large amount of bovine bone powder with less impurities to the raw material with feldspar and scopole clay as the main raw material: because the raw material contains a large amount of bone powder, the clay becomes less viscous, Therefore, in the production process, special care must be taken in forming.
1. After forming and processing, it is sintered at the highest temperature of 1250 degrees. During the sintering process, the shrinkage of bone china is very large, so the finished product will shrink by 20% after kiln firing (generally porcelain shrinks by 7%), so the shape is easy to deform. The bowls must be placed on the special Kuang bowls for long-term cooking.
2. After that, the shape and size are checked. After grinding the surface, spray the glaze with a sprayer and enter the kiln to burn the glaze at 1150 degrees.China ceramic mug manufacturers
The general coloring method is to paste transfer paper on the white finished product and fire it at 820 degrees.
an examination
All the itineraries are strictly inspected, and only qualified products are sent to the next itinerary and made into finished products.
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