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Energy saving ceramic coffee mugs

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From Ceramic Mug Group,Industrial enterprises in Shandong,ceramic coffee mugs the road took the lead in energy conservation, bravely assumed the important task of sustainable economic development, and wrote a carefully written. Especially in the regional party committee and government issued a "energy saving hundred days to fight a tough fight," called after the industrial enterprises in Guangxi, is full play the main force, fighting more than 3 months, and ultimately reduce emissions of energy-saving win a complete victory.

Recalling the results of a year, can be used to evaluate the three sentences: yuan industrial added value decreasing energy consumption, energy efficiency continued to improve, eliminate backward production capacity to bear fruit. Three sets of figures can also be used to explain: large-scale industrial added value of energy consumption 2.65 tons million tons of standard coal, down 8%, saving about 250 million tons of energy to complete 120% of the annual plan; metallurgy, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemicals, paper, power, sugar, textile and energy-consuming industries such as the eight million yuan industrial added value of key energy consumption 3.98 tons of standard coal, down 7.64%, 1.84 million tons of standard coal energy conservation; 331 million in key energy-consuming industrial enterprises increased value of the energy consumption of 4.76 tons of standard coal, down 8.9%, saving 1.85 million tons of standard coal energy to complete the annual plan of 185%.
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