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Class and Purchasing Suggestions of Custom Ceramic Mugs

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From Ceramic Mug Group,Ceramic mug  implemental with its easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistant, convenient and high temperature disinfection and steaming, boiling, burn, baked food etc many advantages for broad consumer favorite. Aesthetically pleasing, adornment beautiful high-grade ceramic vessels not only practical, more artistic appreciation, is daily necessities of life.

A, ceramic classification

(a) according to CiZhong classification: on the market at present the circulation of main include China, ashes porcelain, exquisite daily-used porcelain, glaze under (middle) color daily-used porcelain, daily fine ceramics, ordinary ceramic cookers and fine ceramics cookers, etc. Daily-use ceramics (ashes porcelain only 1 level) according to how much cosmetic defects or the amplitude of the size is divided into classy article, first-rate product, product and so on many levels.

(2) according to the flower surface decoration way according to the classification: flower surface characteristics can be divided into glazes colour, glair, glair colour and glaze porcelain and under some did not add color white porcelain, etc.

Glazes with color ceramic glaze ceramic pigment is made of the colored paper posted on glaze directly or in paint in product surface, then after 7 ~ 850  barbecuing and into products. Because of barbecuing temperature not reached glaze layer of the melting temperature and the use of non-standard glair ceramic pigment, so take the surface cannot be sank into the glaze, can close to glaze layer surface. If touch products surface in adornment place has bulgy feeling, macroscopic observation rugged.

Glair ceramic color temperature than glazes colour high, reached products frits of melting temperature, ceramic pigment in frits sank during melting glaze, cools by glaze layer covering. Touch products smooth as glass surface, basic without concave-convex feeling greatly. Glaze color ceramic is our country under a traditional adornment method, all the products are colorful objects, the porcelain billet glair after high temperature once burned, this kind of products and glair is same, flower surface was covered with glaze layer surface light, level off, the surface smooth touch products, sometimes in adornment place has sunken into the feeling. Glaze porcelain is in ceramics glost add a high-temperature lubricious agent, make the products after burn presents certain glaze color, such as yellow, blue, pea green color, etc.

White porcelain usually refers to the ceramic, without any colorful objects such products on the market sales general not quite.

Second, the choose and buy the matters needing attention

(a) the appearance quality. Consumers first may view products package or cabinet file indicated that the product name and ranks; Secondly through macroscopic observation of the physical quality products, when the choose and buy should be chosen surface have no obvious flaw, the products abroad. Dish, bowl products, can be a few pieces of different size the same product stacked together, observe the interrelationships of distance, distance is not evenly, explain shape irregular, deformed. For a single product the pig or reverse buckle at glass on, look at whether with glass identical, in order to judge its deformation amplitude. Torre for Custom ceramic mugs, in the hand, along with finger tapping mouth, if they give hoarse voice, suggests that a crack exists.

(2) lead dissloution quantity, cadmium dissloution quantity: glair products, glaze color products under the lead dissloution quantity, cadmium dissloution quantity seldom or almost no, may feel relieved and buy. And glazes choi products when the choose and buy the following methods: can refer

(1) for full-dress food utensils, should choose and food phase interface decorative pattern less products.

(2) when the choose and buy should also pay attention to the design color is shining, if not light, the likelihood is roast flower temperature who fail to meet the requirements, this kind of product of lead dissloution quantity or/and cadmium dissloution quantity often higher.

(3) special attention to those with the hand can wipe motifs products, this kind of product of lead dissloution quantity or/and cadmium dissloution quantity most is extremely high, should not choose.

(4) to not assured products, usable amount (lead dissloution quantity, cadmium dissloution quantity inspection by acetic acid concentration and amount of acetic acid concentration are basically the same. Soak a few hours, if discover the colors are obviously different should abandon need not, this kind of product lead dissloution quantity or/and cadmium dissloution quantity most high.

(5) to indicate for decorative products, not used full-dress food.

Three, use the matters needing attention

(1) the choose and buy, should avoid to use the microwave oven products with metal products, such as decorative with phnom penh, silver edge or use gold flower paper, metal wire, metal wire inlay pattern of the product.

(2) using dishwasher washing products appropriate chooses edge thicker with circular arc shape strengthen edge products, because this kind of product in the washing process is not easy to damage.
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