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Ceramic coffee mugs of different colors have different tastes

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From Ceramic Mug Group,Psychologists believe that people's first feeling is vision, and the biggest impact on vision is color. The reason why people's behavior is influenced by color is that people's behavior is easily dominated by emotions.

Therefore, the color of the ceramic coffee mugs suppliers, will also have a certain impact on people's mood, and then affect the judgment of coffee taste.

Duolun, as like as two peas in the University of Australia, has invited dozens of people to do experiments, and the same coffee is placed in different color coffee mugs to test the effect of coffee mug color on people's taste of coffee.

The results show that, compared with transparent glasses, people think that the color of the coffee in the white ceramic coffee mugs is darker, and that the concentration is higher and the taste is more bitter; while for the coffee in the blue coffee mug, due to the blue contrast, people think that the color of the coffee liquid is lighter, and then they think that the coffee liquid has low concentration and does not taste bitter.

Therefore, the color of the ceramic coffee mugs will more or less affect the taste.
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