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Why are red ceramic mugs more expensive than other ceramic mugs?

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From Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,We often see ceramic cups of various colors, white, yellow, red and green. The cups of the same specification are more expensive than white ones, black ones are more expensive than yellow ones, and scarlet ones are more expensive than black ones. What's going on?

Why is the bright red ceramic mug more expensive than other ceramic cups?

The color on the ceramic mug is related to the glaze on the cup. What is glaze? Glaze is a kind of silicate. After the glaze is applied to the body of the ceramic cup and fired again, the glaze will become a smooth glassy layer. The slippery layer on the ceramic product is the product of glaze firing.

When grinding the glaze, we add yellow, black, blue and other corresponding ceramic color agent raw materials to make glaze. We call it color glaze. The cup fired by applying these glaze on the body of customed ceramic mugs is the mug with color.

White cups do not need to be ground with ceramic colorants, so the cost is the lowest. The reason why black cups are expensive is because cobalt oxide is added when grinding glaze, which is a more expensive chemical raw material. Therefore, black cups are more expensive than other cups.

Is it true that the bright red cup is also made of wholesale red disney ceramic mugs pigment when grinding glaze?

Bright red, known as China red in our ceramic industry. China red glaze is a kind of  custom glazed ceramic mugs with rare metal tantalum as the main raw material. Because the Chinese red glaze is easy to decompose under high temperature conditions, it needs secondary glazing and low-temperature firing in the production process. Therefore, the process of China red glaze is to coat the finished ceramic mugs with China red glaze, and then put it into the kiln for low-temperature baking, so as to complete the glazing process of low-temperature red glaze. That's why the bright red cup is more expensive than the other colors.

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