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How is the pattern printed on the ceramic mugs?

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From China Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,Many customers will ask when they order ceramic cups to us: how are the patterns printed on the ceramic mugs? Will the cup fade? Is it toxic?

First of all, I would like to be very responsible to say to you: all strictly in accordance with the ceramic mugs baking flower process products will not fade, not to mention toxic.

So how does the pattern on the ceramic mug make it? I'll tell you in detail.

The so-called ceramic mug printing suppliers, in fact, is what people in the industry call "baked flowers". As the name implies, it is to bake the cup with high temperature and bake the pattern (pattern) into the cup.

There are several steps to complete a cup of baked flowers, the first step is printing paper. Generally speaking, floral paper is a very thin film, and in a professional sense it is called polyvinyl butyral film. On the film, the pattern to be made on the cup is printed on the film, which is the printing paper process and the premise of cup flower baking.

The paper is printed, and then there is the second step, decals. This step is very simple, is to paste the finished flower paper on the cup. However, we should pay attention to when pasting decal paper. The paper should be flat and completely pasted on the cup. There should be no bubbles in the middle, and the part printed with the pattern should not have wrinkles. Otherwise, the cup will easily explode (that is, the printed part will be blown out) when baking flowers at high temperature. But because the ceramic mugs is not a standard part, all the decals have to be pasted manually by the decal workers, which is why we may see ten cups with the same pattern arranged in a row, and the printed patterns are not in a straight line.

After the mug has finished the decal, the next step is to bake the flowers. This step is more simple. Put the cup pasted with floral paper into the kiln and bake it at high temperature. The key to baking flowers is temperature, which is restricted by the color of the paper and the material of the ceramic cup. That is to say, different colors need different temperatures to bake, so as to make better products. If the temperature is lower than the temperature required by the color, the printed pattern will have no luster and the color is not bright. If the temperature is higher than the temperature required by the color, the color of the printed pattern will become pale and white, even as if it is not printed. However, the material of the ceramic cup will also affect the temperature of the baked flower, because the temperature of the baked flower just makes the glaze on the ceramic cup begin to melt. At this time, the ceramic color agent on the flower paper will penetrate into the glaze. When the product cools down, the color and the ceramic cup become one, so as to achieve the purpose of the ceramic mug not to fade. If the baking temperature is too low and the glaze of the ceramic mugs has not started to change, the printing color is only attached to the surface of the ceramic cup. If you wipe the pattern with a wet towel, the pattern will fall off.

The wholesale ceramic coffee mug with logo completes the baking flower, also completes the entire process of printing pattern. However, it should be noted that whether it is the foil or the various pigments printed on the film, they are non-toxic and harmless. The flower paper film is called polyvinyl butyral film, which is made of butyraldehyde and alcohol. The colors printed on the film are ceramic pigments, that is, all kinds of earth, stone and so on.

Therefore, all strictly in accordance with the ceramic cup baked flower technology products, certainly will not fade, not to mention toxic.

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