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China headquarters Chancheng stop ceramic exhibition

Ceramic Mug Group Key:
From Ceramic Mug Group,Recently, the Guangdong Foshan ceramic mug municipal government adopted by the Conference office, "Hall and the headquarters Chancheng ceramic base layout planning guidelines" for approval, the meeting decided to consolidate resources Chancheng ceramic, ceramic exhibition and change the current situation of low-end stores everywhere. In addition to China Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters and, Huaxia Ceramic City, porcelain sea international, creative industries, the International Furniture Exhibition Park and the city, the principle of Chancheng the future will no longer grants new independent ceramic exhibition halls and corporate headquarters. Meanwhile, the Huayi decorative sand hill, home to the Green KE, Hedang five key wholesale markets will soon be relocated.
Consolidation of ceramic and ceramic exhibition Marketplace
Trade and Industry Bureau under Chancheng the information, as of August 2008, the district has handled the legal procedures of the ceramic business business 543, mainly concentrated along the Jihua, Riverside Road, Green Fields Avenue on both sides, in addition to China Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters and, Huaxia Ceramic City and other high-end porcelain sea international gathering area, there are Land, Honor, sand hill, river dang, Green KE five ceramic wholesale market.
"Chancheng ceramic hall and headquarters base layout planning guidelines" (the "Plan") revealed that in the future will be the China Ceramic City Chancheng, Huaxia Ceramic City, porcelain Sea International, southerly ancient stove and the International Creative Industry Park Furniture Expo City as the core base of five ceramic exhibition guide hall gathering layout. In addition to the five bases, the future will no longer approve the principle of building a new ceramic exhibition of independent and corporate headquarters.

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