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The secret of using china custom Starbucks ceramic coffee mugs

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From China ceramic mug manufacturers,Although the paint on the inner wall of the ceramic mug is bright, there are heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium in the glaze. Among them, cadmium and lead are easy to cause liver or other visceral poisoning, while Mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis. The more the glaze color, the brighter the color, the more lead, cadmium and other compounds.

When choosing ceramic mugs, don't pay too much attention to the pattern, especially the bowls with painted inner walls. The newly purchased wholesale ceramic coffee mugs can be soaked in vinegar for 2-3 hours to dissolve the harmful substances in the colored glaze. In addition, color porcelain should not be heated in microwave oven.

I don’t know if you have noticed that after drinking coffee, most people don’t put the coffee cup in the middle of the plate. Often they move it to the side. What is going on?

It turns out that such a habit is to tell others that you have already drunk this cup of coffee. If you leave the position, others can also know that someone was sitting in the position before. Also, if you move the coffee cup to the side, it is easier to pick it up next time you drink it. In other words, it will make you more natural to reach out.

Today, I will show you a coffee cup. The pattern on its plate is not drawn from the center of the circle, but on the side of the center of the coffee plate. This breaks through the rules and regulations, I wonder if you will like it?

Sun pattern cheap coffee cup and saucer
You should have seen some other patterns about the sun, they said the existence of the sun is very sacred. The sun, it brings us too much, with the sun, when we drink coffee, we can be more warm.
The sun pattern on the cup body is opened radially with gold threads, which looks like a halo from the sun. The plate has an "eccentric" sun pattern. When the coffee cup and the plate are placed together, they are really integrated.
Everyone must remember that the coffee cup should be moved to the side. Only then can the pattern be aligned.

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