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The basic situation of the china ceramic mug market

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From Ceramic Mug Group,Now the department stores of the domestic market of Beijing ceramic mug Lufthansa shopping malls (as) can see from Britain, Italy, Germany, Japan, China and foreign porcelain ran into China's hometown to JiaoBan, for Chinese consumer. We export porcelain because they meet in the design and manufacture of order, also very fine, but an ordinary household consumption of domestic market of porcelain and ceramics, existence many imported.
A: the design "gap not piao zhuo, exquisite instead. The international popular exquisite porcelain take either way, beautiful ornate, find a regret, Either way, simple natural walking syncretic, such as Japan's attention. Compared with their products, our market of domestic ceramic is often a ", "the yankees: lame, soil, oneself didn't feature does not. "The lame" phenomenon is fundamentally to western culture essence and tradition and modernization meaning didn't grasp.
The gap between two: manufacturing process, quality "is not good enough". A simple example, you buy a Japanese bowls, touch it bottom is smooth as silk. You buy a Chinese dishes, nine out of ten bottom rough. This difference to the international market in China, also lost porcelain is domestic high-end market. Of course, there are more profound cultural reasons. From ancient times, points to people, kiln, kiln firing, quality is bad, emperor taken the sin, and give the people did not so much attention is firing. This kind of culture continues today. During the cultural revolution, jingdezhen once had a far burned called "plum glad the snow" chairman ", "the exquisite porcelain degree than any foreign ceramics outfights them. But Japanese porcelain production is not too, it started with simple and unadorned civilians in public life consciousness, affinity, indifferent, leisurely and comfortable in China, making the modelling, And the love of ceramic Japanese citizens and aesthetic consciousness has penetrated into every social strata, the civilian goods are not kilns lightly.
Three: "gap" concept of boiler bowl gourd ladle. Foreign porcelain boiler bowl gourd ladle completely from the "of" concept, as a kind of high value-added business, purchase, artwork collection. In foreign shop, display, and no separate porcelain with other furniture ornaments sold together. Porcelain mug from the kitchen range also extends to the living room, bedroom and toilet and gardens. New York is called "big family" (PotteryBarn ceramic storeroom of household stores, hire) "stay for designers from the kitchen to the bedroom sheet, antependium, toilet soap dish gargle, design. A series of each tyre, 98 spring series with mud and grass color composition. This store all commodities with the two color, tableware also such. This little porcelain, in the following 10 dollars, although it is a porcelain, but like art as a reserve value. Some famous fashion designer specializing in clothing, turning from home products. Ralph lauren as big-name designers, Kevin. Clare's product has turned from clothing perfume, bedding and daily porcelain. In China, it would not have been a one-stop service of this company.
Four: marketing means lag disparity. In recent years, often heard to overseas Chinese porcelain manufacturer DE pury went abroad, news, even don't sell goods home haven't won chiffon, let a person be eternity. Our factory is the porcelain, lack of large group soho of promotion of economic strength. In the home also often see this kind of situation, 20-30 porcelain manufacturer, has a bag in the park, has sold in China, with the exhibition in ShuaHou, what to drink a day after a viewer open, a vase, thousands of people after the horse power price supercilious look to 30-50 yuan. The consumer isn't a moron, tens of thousands of yuan in China's current porcelain consumption level, it is best should never should have sold in haikou.there. Sales personnel at bystanders, immediately and will hand hooted smash hit in China, to watch "better, not for tile jade pieces" determination. In fact, if is a careful manufacture porcelain, who threw into the underground? In domestic market, the gangster performance are also big jump rope abroad, who eat this? Earlier this year, I went to Beijing to see big clock still-buoyant market good jingdezhen porcelain manufacturer obviously has realized booth sales is not suitable for high-end of porcelain of sales, where they started a outlets, Chinese porcelain gourmet. I see the quality of Chinese porcelain, if the factory has enough economic strength, in overseas also do a outlets, phase will have the overseas market.
Five: consumers training disparity. Now China's household consumption improved a lot, you should buy a house decorate after beating. Can you to many "resplendent and magnificent" the family visit, master host your tea set, the coffee, tableware, not simply let you take the tea with plastic, let you use disposable cups. This shows, a lot of families, although rich, but really understands porcelain consumption group haven't form. Ordinary household use of multifarious tableware, ceramic products, melamine, plastic products, we've really doubt is so brilliant porcelain powers of people. In foreign private party and party a, the family has a few conditions of elegant tea set, the coffee and utensils. Drink black tea with British porcelain, drinking green tea with Japanese porcelain, drink espresso coffee cup, with Italy small American coffee drinking with "donkey drink" big cup, drink juice to use glass - all these few mistakes, absolutely not disposable cups guest, appear very not environmental protection concept.
Anyhow, from China's use of the users can see accomplishment, and aesthetic temperament and interest, economic status and social status. As an artist said: a real art audience than a stylist more rare. But in China, forming a porcelain so why don't the consumers?

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