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The secret of drinking coffee with customized ceramic mugs

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From Ceramic Mug Group,Although the paint on the inner wall of the ceramic mug is bright, there are heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium in the glaze. Among them, cadmium and lead are easy to cause liver or other visceral poisoning, while Mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis. The more the glaze color, the brighter the color, the more lead, cadmium and other compounds.

When choosing ceramic mugs, don't pay too much attention to the pattern, especially the bowls with painted inner walls. The newly purchased ceramic coffee mug manufacturers can be soaked in vinegar for 2-3 hours to dissolve the harmful substances in the colored glaze. In addition, color porcelain should not be heated in microwave oven.

Ceramics or other porcelains will be your best choice. This material can effectively help you maintain heat, and its smooth and round material also helps the coffee taste and aroma presentation.
The manufacturing process of the glass is almost free of chemical substances, and the safety is the highest. Users can use it with peace of mind. Its thermal insulation effect is also close to that of ceramic material. The glass mug conducts heat quickly, so it will cool down quickly. Therefore, when we choose the glass material mug, why choose the double-layer glass series, which is not only beautiful and heat-retaining, but also not scalded, and aims to lock the heat.
Stainless Steel
The advantage of all metals is that they are good heat conductors, but for espresso, they cannot lock the heat of coffee very well. However, the "double wall stainless steel espresso mug" developed by new technology can change the taste of espresso. Not only the espresso extracted from the coffee machine, but also coffee made with other extraction methods, such as moka pots, French press pots, etc., will be affected by this material to change the taste.
But no matter what material the coffee mug is, please remember to warm the mug before filling the coffee liquid!

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