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Production technology and export of Korean ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug Group Key:China ceramic mug manufacturers
From Ceramic Mug Group,Ceramic mugs, the traditional concept of ceramics, refers to all the artificial industrial products with clay and other inorganic non-metallic minerals as raw materials. It includes various products made of clay or mixture containing clay by mixing, forming and calcining. From the coarsest earthenware to the finest fine pottery and porcelain belong to its scope. Its main raw materials are silicate minerals (such as clay, feldspar, quartz, etc.) from the nature, so it belongs to the category of "silicate industry" together with glass, cement, enamel, refractory and other industries. The firing and application of ceramic mug has a long history in China ceramic mug manufacturers. It has a variety of shapes, colorful colors, cool and smooth handle, easy to wash, and is loved by Chinese people. There are three ways to make ceramic mug: overglaze color, underglaze color and underglaze color. The glaze color ceramic is made of flower paper made of pigment and pasted on the glaze or directly painted on the product surface, and then baked at low temperature. Because the baking temperature cannot reach the melting degree of the glaze layer, the flower surface cannot sink into the glaze. Touch the glaze color ceramics by hand, and feel the obvious concave convex feeling of the flower surface;

The baking temperature of the color ceramic in the glaze can make the glaze melt, and the pigment can sink into the glaze. After cooling, it is covered by the glaze layer. The surface of the product is smooth, and there is no obvious concave and convex feeling when touching. All the color ceramic coffee mug suppliers the glaze is decorated on the porcelain body. After the glaze is applied, it is fired once at a high temperature, and the flower surface is covered by the glaze layer, which looks bright, flat and smooth.

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