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China Mug factory What kind of ceramic coffee mug is good (2)

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From Ceramic Mug Group,There are three sizes of coffee mugs:Small coffee mug (60ml ~ 80ml) - it is suitable for tasting pure and high-quality coffee or strong single coffee. Although it can be drunk almost at one sip, the lingering fragrance and aftertaste show the most exquisite flavor of coffee.

Regular coffee mug (120ml ~ 140ml) - common coffee mugs. Generally, when drinking coffee, you should choose such mug more often. There is enough space for you to mix and add milk powder and sugar.

Mug or French milk coffee mug factory (more than 300ml) - it is suitable for coffee with a large amount of milk. For example, American Mocha multi-purpose mug can contain its sweet and diverse taste. The romantic French, on the other hand, are accustomed to using a large bowl of milk coffee (O'rei coffee) to make up the happy mood that lasts all morning.

ceramic coffee mug wholesale: color

The color of coffee is clear amber. In order to show this feature, it is better to use a white coffee cup in the cup. Although some coffee cups are painted with various colors or even detailed patterns to make the cup look good when placed, it often affects the recognition of coffee brewing completion and quality by the color of coffee.

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