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Glaze types of ceramic coffee mugs China custom mug manufacturer

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From Ceramic Mug Group,Is ceramic coffee mug poisonous? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish whether the ceramic coffee mug contains toxic substances, and what kind of ceramic coffee mug it uses: underglaze color, underglaze color and overglaze color.

How to distinguish overglaze color, in glaze color and underglaze color?

Generally speaking, the ceramic coffee mugs with lid is toxic, which belongs to the tableware of glaze color. Because the patterns or patterns on the glaze color tableware can be scraped off with a knife, or even soluble in water, and the pigments used to make patterns or patterns are toxic.

OK, there's a problem. If the patterns or patterns on the tableware are on the surface of the tableware, those that can be scraped off with a knife or sharp tool are likely to eat toxic substances in the process of use.

So when people choose ceramic mugs, they should be optimistic. Don't buy glaze colored tableware. Don't be attracted by its low price. You should know that health is priceless and can't be bought by money. It's good to spend more money to buy health and rest assured. You just choose underglaze or underglaze.

The most important sensations come from the mouth, such as taste, oral touch (providing information about texture and structure to the brain), and your retro-nasal smell (retro-nasal smell, which is the smell you smell when food is in your mouth) .

External factors (such as mugs and plates) related to the visual images surrounding the coffee put consumers in a certain preset judgment. This is because humans may associate certain colors with certain tastes.

Studies have shown that coffee poured in a blue or transparent (glass) mug has less bitterness and a hint of sweetness than a white mug wholesale.
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