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Tangshan factory wholesales authentic bone china tableware

Tangshan bosilin Ceramics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the professional production and sales of high-grade bone china. Tangshan is known as the capital of porcelain in the north. Its porcelain industry has a history of 600 years. According to the records of luanzhou annals, as early as the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, there was porcelain industry in the qinzhuang and tankyao areas of Tangshan. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, it developed to its peak, especially in today's economic development, after the continuous efforts of new and old artists from generation to generation, the ceramic industry has entered a period of rapid development. Bone China, as a wonderful flower of Tangshan Ceramic Industry, is an internationally recognized high-grade porcelain. It has been well-known overseas for 300 years. It has been used by nobles in various countries for a long time. It is named after the bone powder of herbivores added to the clay, and it is an environmentally friendly and green consumer goods. The company relies on the advanced technology level and its own strong technical strength, on the basis of the traditional production process of Bone China, and develops the production process with modern flavor. The color of the product is gentle, the glaze is moist and delicate, the transparency is high, the fashion is novel, the practical value and the artistic value are integrated. Our products are mainly divided into three categories by function: business gifts, household products and hotel porcelain. The production process starts from porcelain clay and cattle bone, to grouting, molding embryo, gypsum mold dehydration, as well as the initial firing, glaze firing, decal paper baking and other processes, each link is strictly quality control, layer by layer selection, to ensure the quality of products delivered to customers.
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