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Fine ornaments of Jun porcelain gifts of China Jun kiln

Jun kiln, one of the five famous kilns in the Song Dynasty, originated in Yu County, Henan Province (today's Yuzhou City) in the Song Dynasty and is located in Yuzhou, Henan Province. Since it belonged to Junzhou in ancient times, it was named Junyao. Junyao * * was born in Tang Dynasty and flourished in Song Dynasty. Juntai kiln is one of the representatives of many Jun kilns in the Song Dynasty. Most of the kilns burn wares, and there are more sky blue and moon white glazes. Some of the kilns were also found to be black flowers, tricolor, red and green. Jun kiln's tire is pure, solid and delicate; its glaze is natural, bright and colorful, reflecting each other's brilliance, poetic and picturesque, which can be regarded as one of the best in the world. Jun kiln is famous for its artistic charm. Its glaze color is natural rather than artificial. The glaze color of every Jun porcelain is * *, which is the so-called "unique Jun porcelain, no right kiln". It has not been passed down for many generations, and its evaluation is very high. Therefore, it has a good reputation of "a rich family is better than a piece of Jun porcelain"!

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