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Bone China White born Tangshan Ceramics

Bone china juice bucket, juice bucket holder
Product Name: Juice bucket + Tuo
Material: Bone China, containing more than 40% bone charcoal, international standard
Weight: 0.44kg

Bone china features:
1. Beautiful appearance: soft whiteness, strong light transmittance, different texture and brightness from ordinary porcelain, and noble temperament of nobility
2. High grade: it is a kind of * * porcelain recognized by * * in the world at present. It has dual values of use and art, and it is a symbol of rights and status, known as porcelain * *
3. Good heat preservation: compared with traditional porcelain, Bone China has better heat preservation and more feelings when drinking coffee or tea
4. Environmental protection ceramics: bone ceramics are mostly low lead or lead-free products. Because they are the basic guarantee of European and American society, they are in line with European and American products in terms of product quality

Due to the different composition of Bone China and common porcelain, it can be thinner, stronger and wear-resistant. But it is difficult to form at high temperature, so forming is a factor of high scrap rate and high price objectively
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