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Matte mouthwash Couple Wash Cup Ceramic hotel supplies

1.Warm reminder:

Please use shopping cart to buy more than one item. Take photos of the product in our store. It's only the payment for goods. The freight is set to 0 yuan! We don't pay the freight, even if the seller is not online, we don't need to modify the freight to take photos directly.

2.Before shopping:

If you have any questions about the product, you can consult at any time. We will be patient to answer them for you.

Confirm the products you want to purchase, check the prices and freight charges of the goods you want to purchase, if there is no problem, you can pay through Alipay. If there is no Alipay, you can also make direct remittance through online banking or bank.

If the order amount is large, the buyer and the seller can sign a contract, pay a certain amount of deposit, and pay the balance after confirming the delivery day.

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