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Manufacturer's ceramic bowl 6-inch flat plate, 3.8 bowl

Zibo tirui ceramics factory (formerly Zibo Xinyi) was established in 2006. The company is located in the porcelain capital of northern China, by the artificial Hunan side of Boshan Yaoguang Industrial Park, close to the South Outer Ring Road of Boshan, by the mountain and by the river, with convenient transportation. Since its establishment, the company's output has reached more than 100000 pieces, which is one of the largest enterprises in Boshan to produce magnesium reinforced porcelain disinfection tableware.

The company is specialized in producing magnesium reinforced porcelain thickened disinfection tableware, hotel porcelain, gift porcelain, set tableware, tea set manufacturers. Through the national quality supervision and inspection center, the products meet the requirements of GB / t3532-2009 standard. Through the use of our products by our customers, it is proved that the tableware produced by our company has high strength, high density, high smoothness and low brittleness, which effectively reduces the damage rate of products, increases the service life, and effectively reduces the cost for customers, thus bringing greater benefits.

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