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Ceramic cup customized Mug wholesale

Ceramic teacups are popular among consumers because of their jade like appearance, healthy and sanitary materials and cheap price. Jingdezhen ceramic tea cup features: 1. Beautiful appearance: the porcelain is delicate and transparent, the shape of the ware is beautiful and elegant, the color surface is moist as jade, and the flower surface is colorful. 2. High grade: it has long been a special porcelain for Britain and the world. It is a recognized porcelain in the world. It has dual values of use and art, and it is a symbol of rights and status.

The ceramic tea cup is made of high-quality kaolin. The ceramic cup is fired at a high temperature of 1300 鈩? The ceramic tea cup produced by our company can be used in offices, families and tea drinking. On the ceramic tea cup, you can also print all kinds of pictures you need, add company logo graphics and text, etc. according to your requirements and needs, you can customize all kinds of ceramic tea cups. The production of ceramic tea cups is made of high-quality kaolin, which is fired at 1300 degrees high temperature And become. The ceramic teacups produced by our company can be used in offices, families, etc,

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