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Ceramic Commemorative Plate manufacturer

[name]: Ceramic Commemorative Plate

[Specification]: the diameter is 20cm to 40cm. Customers can choose the appropriate size of ceramic Commemorative Plate according to the requirements.

[product features]: Ceramic commemorative plate can be customized with different specifications, different porcelain materials and different pictures according to the requirements of customers. A porcelain commemorative plate is equipped with a * * porcelain brocade box package and a plate rack, which is a set of exquisite ceramic gifts. Ceramic commemorative plate is suitable for all kinds of large-scale commemorative gifts, home decoration, school celebration gifts and celebration gifts. In addition, the ceramic Commemorative Plate Produced by our factory is rich in color, numerous in style, novel in design and special in implication. Ceramic commemorative plate is suitable for all kinds of business gifts. Small quantities of ceramic commemorative disk orders are acceptable.

[gift scope]: Ceramic commemorative plate can be used as decorations, gift processing, cultural gifts, business gifts, corporate group buying, foreign affairs gifts, unit welfare, ceramic souvenirs, conference gifts, School Day commemoration, inauguration ceremony, opening ceremony, golden wedding commemoration, wedding gifts, ceramic school day gifts, school day souvenirs, wedding souvenirs, ceramic gift souvenirs , anniversary celebration gifts, anniversary school gifts, employee reward gifts, employee reward supplies, anniversary school souvenirs, office culture commemorative gifts and other applications.

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