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Large quantity of glass teapot manufacturers

Product Name: Gaoba glass teapot product No.: h-11 capacity: 750ml material: high borosilicate heat-resistant glass heat-resistant: - 20 ?- 150 ?specification: pot cover * 1, spring filter * 1, pot body * 1 product features: compact appearance, large capacity, simple and simple, like a human, taste the world. The handle and the body of the cup * * are integrated, and there is a filter spring at the mouth of the pot, which can effectively block the tea. The special pot mouth design makes the water flow smoothly and avoid backflow. Scope of application: it is applicable to tea making appliances such as green tea, black tea, flower tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea, craft flower tea, fruit tea, etc. Process trace: there are slight differences in size, shape, weight and thickness. Individual stretch marks and bubbles are normal process phenomena.

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