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Cake plate, ceramic baking plate, soy sauce plate

Our company specializes in sales and operation of ceramic plates (ceramic white plate, cake plate, cluster plate, fruit plate, soup plate, square plate, disc, special-shaped plate, rotary table, fish plate, angle plate), ceramic cups (ceramic coffee cup, ceramic water cup, ceramic mug, ceramic milk cup, ceramic wine set), ceramic bowls (ceramic soup bowl, ceramic rice bowl), Chaozhou ceramics, warehouse Ceramic tableware, daily ceramic stock, ceramic dish stock, ceramic plate stock, ceramic coffee ware stock, foreign trade ceramic stock, ceramic household furnishings stock, various ceramic household products stock, ceramic overstock, ceramic handicrafts, ceramic tea set, ceramic gifts, ceramic flower vase, ceramic fresh bowl, electroplated ceramic coffee cup and other household and hotel ceramic products The company is located in Baita Industrial Zone, Fengxi District, Chaozhou City of porcelain.

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