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Nestle cup small square color glaze ceramic color changing Mug

Size: D8 * H9 cm, printable area: 20 * 7cm

Package: 1pc / carton (white box or customized color box), 48pcs / carton, box gauge: 28 * 45 * 41cm, gross and net weight: 16 / 14.3kgs

Chameleon cup, also known as magic cup. That is to say, when hot water / cold water is injected into the cup, the color of the cup body will change. Before the color change, the color will be black, red, green, blue, brown, purple, light blue, light yellow, light green, light red, light purple, etc. Including dot effect, can be designed as the surface layer of color changing cup. When the temperature of the thermochromic cup is above 40 鈩? the color changes. When the temperature of the cold cup is below 20 鈩? the color changes. The color changing ink used in the color changing cup is a kind of non-toxic, pollution-free and pollution-free ink synthesized from biomaterials. Its principle is: the temperature sensitive material is printed on the cup body, and the material used belongs to the thermal sensitive material, which is resistant to high temperature of 320 鈩? non-toxic, lead-free and Chromium-free, all of which can meet the American FDA and European lfgb standards.

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