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Children's tableware set creative hand-painted ceramic tableware

Whether there is patent for surface technology? Hand drawing? No

Color: zebra, squirrel, giraffe, little white rabbit (blue), elephant (blue), panda, lion, tiger, little bee (white), pineapple, little yellow duck, scarab, little bee (green), vehicle ship, vehicle train, vehicle bus, vehicle car, vehicle plane, vehicle airship, vehicle flying saucer, vehicle balloon, vehicle rocket, 12 animals, 12 animals, 12 animals Uncle Xiao Niu, father 12, mother 12, big brother 12, baby snake 12, uncle Ma 12, sister 12, brother monkey 12, aunt 12, dog talent 12, sister pig 12, Unicorn (pink), Unicorn (blue), football, volleyball, basketball, golf ball diameter small bowl, big bowl, plate, spoon, cup, 4 sets, 4 sets of gift boxes, 4 sets of homee gift boxes

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