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Simple black line ceramic tableware set

Hotel tableware refers to the tableware and utensils used in the hotel dining. It is of high quality and various types. According to the material, it can be divided into ceramic tableware, plastic tableware and stainless steel tableware. High quality hotel tableware can improve the image of the hotel. The hotel ceramic tableware has various shapes, colorful colors, fine and smooth feel, easy to wash, and is deeply loved.

When choosing porcelain decorated with gold and silver, wipe it with your hands. It's the best one that doesn't fade. Whether the shape is regular, whether there is damage, spot, bubble, smooth. The lead contained in glaze of ceramic products with prickly, speckled or even cracked surface is easy to overflow, so it is not suitable for tableware. Most of the porcelain adhesives contain high lead, so it is not suitable to make tableware after porcelain is mended. Tap a few times, sound crisp quality is good, sound dull or hoarse is inferior. Thin tire ceramic products in the sun or light care, to have a sense of transparency, both thin and light, and uniform thickness.

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