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Zibo Dongheng Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Zibo Dongheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in Boshan, a famous cultural city with a long history and beautiful scenery. Located in Boshan Ceramic and Glass Industrial Park. The company's geographical conditions are superior, close to Jiaoji Line, Qingdao Bay in the eastern suburbs, convenient transportation in China, providing customers with the whole process of supporting services from product design and production to consignment. This Factory integrates traditional technology and modern science and technology, and develops mugs and tea sets with noble and elegant porcelain, smooth and soft glaze, high temperature resistance, quench resistance, high strength, anti-collision, non-scratch and other characteristics. The main varieties are: mugs, advertising cups, gift cups, hot transfer (image) special white cups, tea sets, tableware, wine sets, sets of Chinese and Western tableware, high-grade porcelain for hotels and hotels, and more than a dozen series. Beautiful shape, novel style, there are thousands of patterns, is the promotion of enterprise products, but also the best gift of relatives and friends. Our factory will provide first-class products and high-quality service for users all the year round with high quality product quality and good reputation.
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