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Chaozhou Hanlin Ceramic Factory

The quality is the number one!- I firmly believe thatOur factory is a manufacturer.And our factory has been established in 2008 and we has eight years of production experience. We have our own production equipment and production process,we Mainly engaged in production and sales of ceramic coffee cups and saucers milk tea cups and saucers tea set. To engage in ceramic decal .Production and sale a series of services.We have professional decal design.Ceramic firing technology, by 780 degrees high temperature firing. Absolutely safe and non-toxic,durable.And distinctive series packaging design, each series of products have their own independent packing. There are mainly gift box packaging,PVC box packaging and with the theme of the box corresponding the flower pattern design, have more subject characteristic. As many as more than ten independent series of packaging.Various designs of decal,packaging methods for your choosing.Each independent packing series has different decal pattern design.At the same time,we welcomed you to order,if you have any question and need any further information,please feel free to let us know,we will surely to help you in any way that we can.And hope to do business with you!
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