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Optimize Green Tech (Dalian) Co., Ltd

Optimize Green Tech (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the intention of manufacturing environmental friendly ware as a leader with using natural husks to make fiber ware in various fields.Technology and its products have diversified to take the lead in the international arena to promote the concept of environmental protection, to replace the current traditional plastic products, will help protect the environment and save our planet.At present, China and South-East Asian countries have a mass quantity of husks resources, mainly for burning and environmental destruction, Rice husks are used as raw materials to produce the plant fiber tableware, the waste will not only be able to use, but also reduce the burning and pollution of the air envelope and able to manufacture high - Value-added products, it's the benefit of the community.In recent years, companies in the protection of the environment, the purposes for the benefit of humanity, we continuous upgrading of research and development with the natural husk products.
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