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BAOYING Tengxin glass tea set manufacturer

Yangzhou Baoying Tengxin glass products Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, is located in the triangle, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation. The main products are all made of high borosilicate glass and heat-resistant glass by hand blowing. Heat resistant glass products are mainly divided into: heat-resistant glass tea set, heat-resistant glass cup set, heat-resistant glass smoke set, heat-resistant glass lamps and other crafts. In recent years, the newly developed glass teapot, heat-resistant glass coffee pot, heat-resistant glass teapot, glass couple cup, glass double-layer cup, glass sleeve cup, glass pipe and glass pipe, glass teapot, and other new glass products. With its excellent quality, it has opened up the glassware market rapidly at home and abroad, and the rate of customer return is high. We have a strong scientific research ability to ensure that according to your wishes or drawings processing and production of various heat-resistant glass crafts. All friends are welcome to contact us for negotiation. We work together to create glass products!
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