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Jingdezhen Heyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd

Jingdezhen Heyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in Jingdezhen, the holy land of ceramics in the world. It is a new and modern ceramic enterprise integrating scientific research and development, product design, raw material refining, molding, burning, painting, packaging and sales. With many technical staff, and gathered a large number of college art design talents and porcelain industry rookies. The enterprise has become a new star in the ceramic industry with its strong talent advantage, strong technical advantage and scale advantage. In Jingdezhen ceramic industry, even the whole country enjoys a good evaluation. Heyuan ceramic factory is an enterprise which is based on the principle of people-oriented, customer's interests are always supreme, and develops with cooperation. It focuses on every ceramic product in good faith, and tries its best to meet customer's needs. Adhere to the sales mode from manufacturer to customer, reduce the intermediate circulation link, and strive to improve the cost performance of our ceramic products. Products include: Jingdezhen Ceramic tableware, Jingdezhen ceramic tea cup, Jingdezhen ceramic vase, Jingdezhen Ceramic kungfu tea set, ceramic Commemorative Plate, ceramic craft porcelain plate painting, ceramic tea pot, ceramic wine jar, ceramic cylinder, etc., and provide design and customization of various ceramic gifts.
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