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Jingdezhen Tanglong Ceramics Co., Ltd

The main products of the company are: Ceramic Vase - ground vase, housewarming gift ceramic vase, hotel decoration ceramic vase, school day gift ceramic commemorative disc, Jingdezhen Ceramic commemorative disc, year-end conference gift ceramic commemorative disc, award ceremony ceramic commemorative disc, celebration gift ceramic commemorative disc, business office supplies ceramic tea cup, conference ceremony ceramic tea cup, ceramic tea cup Three piece set of porcelain office supplies, high-end large-scale decorative porcelain plate painting, hand-painted blue and white porcelain powder and color porcelain plate painting, ceramic funeral products, urn, hand-painted blue and white porcelain pieces, ceramic carving VAT, garden decorative products, ceramic table and stool, various business gifts, ceramic decorations, traditional blue and white porcelain vase, powder ceramic vase, color glaze, kiln change, five color Crafts, vase, Large decorative porcelain; modern ceramic art, tea set ceramic tea cup, office supplies ceramic tea cup, conference gift tea cup, tableware, Commemorative Plate - school day gift ceramic Commemorative Plate, celebration gift ceramic Commemorative Plate, award ceremony ceramic Commemorative Plate, Jingdezhen Ceramic Commemorative Plate, gift porcelain and other categories of ceramic products.
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