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Supply and customization of hollowed out aromatherapy stove

The company supplies and customizes new and creative personalized gift bones, jade ceramics, couple cups, mugs, beer cups, 12 constellation gift cups; supplies household products, flower arrangements, money storage tanks, refrigerator stickers, vases, ashtrays, pepper bottles, craft furnishings, hanging plates, egg cups and other handicrafts and daily ceramics

1. Products: Ceramic promotional cup, high-end creative gift cup, flower plate, insert, money jar, * jewelry box, daily ceramics, vase, ashtray and other ceramic crafts;

2. Material: light porcelain, heavy porcelain, medium and high temperature porcelain, * * bone, jade porcelain, underglaze color, low lead non-toxic, environmental protection products;

3. Color / shape: bright color and novel shape;
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