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Yunzhu cup and Zisha tea cup

Founded in 2008, the company specializes in the design, production and distribution of tea sets. Its brands include sanshengtang, Ziyun, zhenzhiyun and mingzhan. Sanshengtang is a high-grade purple sand gift brand; Ziyun is a common ceramic tea set brand; zhenzhiyun is a Pu'er black tea brand; mingzhan is a high-grade drink cup brand.

The company's sales of major domestic brands of tea as the core business. Wholesale centers are set up in Beijing, Zhengzhou and Yixing.

All the pictures of our company's products are taken in kind. Although the staff have tried their best to make the pictures close to the real objects, they do not rule out the possibility of individual color differences due to the influence of the display and the light taken.

We solemnly promise that if any fake products are sold involving brands, manufacturers and patents, we will not accept any money and compensate the buyer for the economic and spiritual losses. We will never be vague or joking. We can print this webpage to testify.
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