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Black pottery hat tube, black pottery vase

Tianwufang black pottery inherits the four characteristics of the traditional black pottery technology: black, thin, hard and bright. Now it has formed the hollowing, relief, line carving, shadow carving, color painting, lacquer painting, inlaid pottery and other technologies. In the whole production process, through more than ten fine handicrafts, such as clay refining, blank drawing, flower carving, calendering and firing, the artists have carved various lifelike patterns, exquisite workmanship, rich form and meaning, the traditional products are simple and elegant, and send out strong oriental cultural flavor; the ancient color, simple, ancient type and ancient rhyme form a unique style of "Taoshan black pottery culture", modern pottery Combined with the modern aesthetic requirements, art has unique shape, colorful color, three-dimensional abstraction, magnificence and superb charm. That is to say, it keeps the noble nature of black pottery "black as paint, bright as mirror, sound as chime" without losing its innovative development. It has a high value of appreciation and collection.

Tianwufang series products gradually become black pottery, lacquer pottery, colored pottery, hard carving, shadow carving, inlaid pottery, open piece pottery, cloud pottery and other series of more than 3000 varieties. Black pottery is elegant, lacquer pottery is bright and fast, carved pottery is profound, inlaid pottery is decorated with precious stones, gold and silver, which is more luxurious and precious, wandering in the meantime, let people forget to return, rich color, vivid shape, variety, innovation, and price Moderate, with gifts, handicrafts, celebration gifts, tourist souvenirs, ancient musical instruments and other product functions, and according to user needs, customized carving of various text graphics.
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