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Hand painted porcelain perfect vase Liling porcelain gift vase

Liling underglaze multicolored porcelain is hand-made, never fade, with the quality of clotting fat, precious, crystal clear, warm and fragrant. However, due to this kind of porcelain, the requirements for firing technology and painting technology are very high. The porcelain mentioned above can only be made by the ceramic art of * *. The display of lifelike paintings * * on the porcelain and the porcelain make the appreciation and collection value of the porcelain sublimate in an instant. Nowadays, such exquisite porcelain can be seen in many occasions of * *, so it has also become a representative work of * * life quality. At home and around the world, there are very few under glaze multicolored porcelains with use value, art value and collection value that can be fired. Silver silver porcelain is a brand that focuses on the overall development of under glaze multicolored porcelains. Its ceramic works once won the gold medal at the 1915 world-famous Panama Pacific World Expo in San Francisco, USA Known as the wonderful flower of Oriental Ceramic Art, this honor is enough to show how high the status of Chinese ceramics in the world.

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